Patients Under the Age of 18

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Parental NOTIFICATION (not CONSENT) law is now in effect in the state of Illinois. The law requires that we notify a parent, grandparent, step-parent living in the home or a legal guardian, before a patient who is under the age of 18 can have an abortion procedure. Only one adult family member needs to be notified, and the patient can choose who is notified and how they will be notified.

Parental Notification is not the same thing as parental consent. The adult family member does not have to give permission for the abortion procedure, or agree with your decision. The law only requires that patients under the age of 18 and your health care provider tell an adult family member that you are going to have an abortion procedure.

The ACLU Judicial Bypass Coordination Project offers free assistance if you cannot inform an adult family member

Call Toll Free: 877-442-9727
Text: 312-560-6607
Facebook: Illinois Bypass Coordination Project

The Abortion Care Network offers advice on how to talk to an adult in your life as well as lots of other helpful information.

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