Abortion is Safe, Legal and Within Easy Reach - Same day visits and free services are available.
We offer the abortion pill up to 11.0 weeks and surgical abortion up to 24 weeks. We Are FPA - Trusted Chicago Abortion Provider
3 in 5 patients have their abortion at an independent abortion clinic, like FPA. We have been providing safe, compassionate abortion care up to 24 weeks since 1988.
We Are Family Planning Associates - FPA Chicago is a member of the National Abortion Federation.
We offer routine gynecological visits, STD testing, birth control including IUD insertion and testing for common vaginal infections.
We are FPA - Trusted Reproductive Health Care Provider since 1988

FPA Offices Are Open

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At FPA Chicago Abortion Clinics in Cook County,

We Offer:

Why choose Family Planning Associates Chicago Abortion Clinics in Cook County?

Family Planning Associates Medical Group is one of the most trusted abortion providers in the nation. Since 1988 thousands of patients have visited FPA for professional, compassionate and affordable comprehensive reproductive health services including abortion care up to 23.5 weeks, birth control evaluations, annual exams, confidential STD testing, and free pregnancy testing. The majority of our staff have been with our group for over ten years and we work as a team to ensure that you are comfortable and well cared for throughout your visit.

Honestly, We Think That Our Patients Say It Best:

  • They make you feel comfortable and safe. It’s very relaxed and organized. This is the place to go for any and all services. They really are the best! I’m very glad I went here.

  • The environment is very welcoming and professional.

  • I would recommend them to anyone, no matter what you’re going in there for, they won’t judge you or persuade you to do anything. They are welcoming and discreet about everything.

  • I can’t stress enough how kind everyone at FPA is.

  • Absolutely incredible. I cannot say enough good things about this clinic. The staff is wonderful, caring, polite, understanding, and more. Please make FPA your first choice when seeking an abortion.

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Abortion Care at No Cost

If you are a resident of the state of Illinois you may qualify for free abortion care. In most cases immediate appointments are available.

Financial Assistance

There is financial assistance available for patients travelling from outside of Illinois. We work with a fund that can help with travel costs too.

Gynecological Services

Testing and treatment for infections such as urinary tract infection, yeast, bacterial vaginosis, chlamydia, and gonorrhea is performed daily.

Birth Control Options

We offer most birth control options with a verbal consultation or an annual exam, including Liletta, Skyla or ParaGard IUD insertions.