No Cost Abortion Services for Illinois Residents

Quality Compassionate Reproductive Health Care Personalized to Fit Your Needs

There is NO FEE for Abortion Care if:

  1. You Have Illinois Medicaid Coverage OR
  2. You Can Show Proof of a Pending Application for Illinois Medicaid Coverage

Illinois Medicaid provides coverage for abortion services, with no out of pocket expense for patients.

Family Planning Associates can also provide free abortion care for women who are eligible for Illinois Medicaid and have already or plan to apply for coverage. CLICK HERE TO APPLY FOR COVERAGE NOW.

FOR PATIENTS WHO DO NOT LIVE IN ILLINOIS – Click Here For Financial Assistance Information

If you have current Illinois Medicaid coverage:

Your insurance will cover an abortion 100% – You pay nothing.  Sedation, medications, lab testing, ultrasound, and RhoGAM if you have a negative blood type are all included, with the procedure. This includes Medicaid coverage through CountyCare, Blue Cross Community Health, Meridian, IlliniCare, and Molina Healthcare.

If you do not currently have Illinois Medicaid coverage:

You do not have to wait to have your procedure – just apply for Illinois Medicaid online if you qualify.

Please remember to say that you are pregnant when filling out the application and ask that coverage be applied to previous months if you have any outstanding medical bills.

Be prepared to:

  • Log into your ABE account in our office to show proof of your pending application.
  • Email us the full application summary, which you can click to ‘View and Print’ in a PDF document. Please email us this PDF document to show proof of a current pending application.

Once you apply – you pay nothing for abortion services.

Click here to apply for Illinois Medicaid coverage or check eligibility

Click Here To Print a Paper Application for Medicaid Benefits

Haga clic aquí para imprimir una aplicacion para beneficios de Medicaid

What Will I Need to Bring to My Appointment?

  • An Illinois Medicaid card or a Medicaid MCO card (managed care organization such as County Care, Next Level Health, Meridian Health Plan, Illinicare health, etc…)
  • Your User Name and Password so that you can log into the ABE website and show proof of a current pending application
  • Print out at home or be prepared to print out your full ‘Application Summary’ from the ABE website, in our office. These application summaries are several pages and contain some sensitive information, please do not email this document to our office.
  • Photo ID

Can You Check My Coverage Before My Appointment?

  • You can email a screen shot of your application documentation to us at, but please be prepared to log into your ABE account on the day of your visit as well.
  • It is a good idea to let us check your application documents before you come in for your visit just in case we need any additional information.
  • If you have current Illinois Medicaid coverage, please give our phone representative your nine digit Medicaid recipient number when you schedule your appointment. If you do not have your recipient number we can look it up for you with some basic personal information.

CLICK HERE to find out if you are eligible for Illinois Medicaid benefits, apply for benefits online, or log into your patient portal and view your proof of current coverage.

HAGA CLIC AQUÍ para averiguar si es elegible para los beneficios de Medicaid de Illinois, solicitar beneficios en línea o iniciar sesión en su portal para pacientes y ver su comprobante de cobertura actual.

Click Here To Find Your Local DHS Office

Haga clic aquí para encontrar su oficina local de DHS


Registration Forms

You can complete your registration forms before you arrive. Simply download, print and fill out the forms. Please use a black ink pen only. (Adobe Acrobat Reader Required)