Referral Resources

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Family Planning Associates is happy to offer referral resources for our patients and their allies

Free Support is Just a Phone Call Away


All-Options provides a free and confidential space to talk about pregnancy, parenting, abortion and adoption. They offer judgement-free support at any point before, during or after your experience.

Exhale: An After Abortion Textline

Exhale offers a free, After-Abortion Textline that provides emotional support, resources and information for individuals who have had an abortion and their allies.

Faith Aloud

Faith Aloud offers free counseling to women as well as their family when spiritual concerns regarding pregnancy and abortion arise. They offer assistance to women who are still considering their options and those who need non-judgmental support after an abortion procedure.

Connect and Breathe

Connect and Breathe creates a safe space to talk about abortion experiences by offering a talkline staffed by people trained to listen and provide unbiased support and encouragement of self care. Talkline staff can offer support whether an abortion has affected you or a loved one, yesterday or years ago.

Ending a Wanted Pregnancy

Offers support for parents who are considering or have already ended a pregnancy after a prenatal or maternal medical diagnosis.

Abortion Funds & Support Programs for Women Travelling from Out of State

Birth Control Resources

Bedsider: Birth Control Support Network

Compare birth control options and find the best method for you

Bedsider: Birth Control Reminder

Set up a text alert to help stay on track with your birth control method. Backline will text you daily if you are taking ‘the pill’, weekly if you are using ‘the patch’, monthly if you are using ‘the ring’, or every three months if you are using ‘the depo shot’

Bedsider: Which IUD is Best for You?

Here’s a secret: female doctors and family planning providers are way more likely to use IUDs themselves than U.S. women overall. Maybe it’s because they know the intrauterine device (IUD) is safe, low-maintenance, and super-effective.

Paragard: Long-Term Hormone-Free Birth Control

Mirena IUD

Kyleena IUD

Nexplanon Implant